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Lily Belle

If Lilly Belle were human, she’d be wearing bifocals, complaining about the weather, and asking everyone to please speak up. 

But actually this 12-year-old, 60-pound boxer mix is just looking for a quiet home to spend her retirement. 

She doesn’t need much. If you have an available lap (she’s sure she fits!), a comfy couch, and room for a backseat driver, Lilly Belle might be the one for you. Despite a touch of arthritis, she still likes to play and go for strolls. Oh, and she wouldn’t say no to some butt scratches.


She might enjoy living with a larger canine companion but cats are a hard pass. She’s housetrained, knows how to use a doggie door, and eats and sleeps well.


Lilly Belle’s had a bit of a rough time in her golden years. She came to Haven to Home a year ago after her owner passed away. She hadn’t had the medical care that she needed and arrived with some skin issues, but they’re under control now. 


She has plenty of love to give to someone looking for a laid back senior companion. And she promises not to mention the weather… much. 


Lily Belle is available for adoption or as a forever foster (sponsored dog).  She just needs a soft place to lay her head, a gentle hand, and a person to call her own.  Please contact us at Haven to Home if you would be interested in helping Lily.  She will touch your heart like she has touched ours.

Sweet Senior Seeks Comfy Retirement Life

Lily Belle came to us a day after her owner passed away with Lily wrapped in his arms.  Although her owner could not afford to provide the medical care that Lily Belle needed, he did love her very much and she loved him. This sweet soul was lost and confused when she first came into rescue--you could see the sadness in her eyes.  

Lily is 11 years old, a 60 pound boxer mix.  She was miserable with itchy smelly skin which improved with baths and medication. She is so much happier now and has gained strength every day.  She is arthritic but is still willing and able to go for walks and play with other dogs.  Lily is housetrained and knows how to use a doggie door.  She eats and sleeps well.  
Lily's sweet personality has ​re​surfaced.  She enjoys a lap and a cuddle.  She is cautious but capable on steps and she loves to go for car rides.  

Lily is spayed, up to date with vaccines and her overall health is very good although she is hearing impaired (most likely due to many untreated ear infections during her lifetime).  She is fine with the larger dogs in the family, but we were told she isn't great with cats. 

 She would make an older person or couple a very sweet companion. 

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