Welcome to Haven to Home Canine Rescue! 

Our mission is to rescue dogs in need, rehabilitate them in a quality, nurturing environment, and re-home them in a loving, responsible, permanent home as soon as possible. We will strive to promote a culture of kindness in our community through networking and education.  

We care for our rescued dogs in foster homes which become “The Haven” in the Haven to Home Rescue. Since June 2008, we have rescued and found permanent homes for over 1,500 dogs in central Pennsylvania. Haven to Home is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are totally volunteer driven and depend on the time, talent and generosity of our local community. 

Contact us at 570-884-5067.  


Please help Pumpkin

Pumpkin St Bernard

Pumpkin is a three year old St Bernard who weighs 120 pounds. Pumpkin is super sweet, very chill, and loves attention. She was relinquished to us after a rough start of living outdoors. Pumpkin is now in a foster home where she is house trained, crate trained, and has adjusted well to pampered indoor living where she is preparing to undergo heartworm treatment. The treatment will take about six months and during that time she will need absolute quiet. No walks, no outdoor play. Complete rest with chewies, snuffle mats and puzzles to entertain her. Our dream home is one that will take her to foster during her treatment, then adopt her once treatment is complete. While she has lived with other dogs she would prefer to be your one and only. Cats and kids are unknown. Have a heart for big dogs? Looking for a devoted, laid back companion? This may be your girl. 

Haven to Home will pay all veterinary costs during until she is adopted after her treatment. Donations can be made to help cover the costs of Pumpkin's treatment by going to www.givinggrid.com.  

Can't own a dog??  Then become a virtual owner of one in need.

Haven to Home always has a few senior dogs who live out their lives in the care of the their foster families. They have medical needs which prevent them from being highly adoptable. These dogs have chronic conditions which require daily medications and maintenance vet visits.  

To sponsor a dog simply visit the Sponsorship page and you can "adopt" them through monthly or a one-time gift that will help with their care. 


    cinnamon1 Honor the Memory of Your Beloved Dog - A Haven to Home Emergency Medical Fund   

Cinnamon's Memorial Fund 
In memory of their beloved dog, Cinnamon, Haven to Home has received a generous gift from her owners to establish Cinnamon's Memorial Fund.
This fund will be used to help defray excessive medical costs, for dogs brought into Haven to Home's program, to save the dog's life and/or assure the dog is provided a quality of life.
In addition to accepting general donations for the fund, memorial contributions will be accepted to honor the memory of beloved dogs who have passed on. Your brief memorial message and a small picture of your dog will be posted here on Cinnamon's Memorial Wall. Please use the Paypal link below to make your gift or print the form to mail in a gift. A special THANK YOU to Cinnamon's owners for their generous gift to honor Cinnamon's memory.
To make a gift to Cinnamon's Fund please click here. You'll be able to donate via Paypal or print the form to mail in your gift. Thank you!

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