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Definition of SWEETNESS!

Brandi is a female, 12 year old Chocolate Lab mix.  She has lost her home due to no fault of her own.  Sadly, her owner has had to relocate and was unable to take Brandi along.  Her foster family writes:  "Brandi is loving and adapted easily in  her foster home.  A typical lab, she is food motivated and will pay close attention to her humans while they are eating or cooking!  She has been a quiet girl in her foster home. Although she is a senior, there is a bounce to her step--she shows pleasure by cute prancing steps.  Brandi really seems to enjoy being part of a pack and shares her foster home with two canine residents.  

Brandi is a sponsored dog which means she will remain forever in her foster home due to age and health issues.  You can help defray Brandi's medical expenses by making donations in her name.

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