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ATTENTION All Wrinkly Face Lovers.....

Honey is a shar pei mix who came to us with severe dermatitis and eyelashes that were turned inward - irritating her eyes. Her skin was red and she had a lot of hair loss.  We immediately took her to our vet and ran diagnositics to find out what was causing Honey's severe skin issues.  Allergy tests were run, and it was determined that Honey's BEST FRIENDS were making her ill.  CATS!  Honey is allergic to cat dander and there were lots of friendly cats in Honey's previous home--Cats that played with and cuddled with Honey on a daily basis.

Thanks to her dedicated foster Mom, who made sure that Honey was given the prescribed medications and baths, Honey's skin is back in good condition and she is no longer suffering. Honey also  had surgery to correct the entropian (eyelids). She is currently happy and comfortable.  Sadly,  - no kitty friends for Honey.

Honey loves her foster's grandchildren and other dogs in the household.  She is friendly and sweet.  We signed Honey up for Housetraining 102 (the refresher course), and she is now doing well in that subject, also. 

If you love wrinkly dogs - you will adore Honey.  

Honey is spayed, up to date with vaccines, and on flea/tick/heartworm monthly preventatives.

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