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Chaz is a 6 lb male Chihuahua who’s a real lap lover.  He is super smart, crate trained and loves to play with a tennis ball (and yes, it actually fits into his mouth!).  He is in the process of being housetrained. He knows how to use a doggie door.  He is good with men, women, cats and other dogs.   We don’t know how he is with children yet.   Although he is 10 years old, he is playful and doesn’t act his age. Being such a small dog, he should not go to a home with young children.

WELL...... that was our orginal write up on Chaz above.  Since he has been with us for some time, we now know a bit more.   He is no longer in the foster home with the doggie door and that house training, yeah, that didn't really work out too well.  And kids....well, no way.  He was living in a chicken coop with other chi relatives who had spent a lot of their lives living outside with less than ideal care.  

Chaz is now a "sposorship" dog, in that he will stay with his foster forever.  Because of his age and his behavior, it's been proven that adoption is very unlikely.  His foster mom says he growls at people, has snapped, pees and poops in the house (she uses a belly band on him), and generally is not overly lovable....except to her.  Yep, she loves him!  And in his way, he reciprocates that love!  So he his happy in his own world. 

Haven to Home would welcome a monthly sponsorship for Chaz.  We cover the costs of his heartworm and flea preventative as well as keeping vaccines up to date as needed or any other vet care that he will require.  

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