Haven to Home Canine Rescue
Haven to Home Canine Rescue

Our mission is to rescue dogs in need, rehabilitate them in a quality, nurturing environment, and re-home them in a loving, responsible, permanent home as soon as possible. We will strive to promote a culture of kindness in our community through networking and education.

What is Haven to Home?

Haven to Home, Inc. Canine Rescue (the official name) is a grass roots network of dog loving people trying to make a difference for abandoned and neglected dogs in the Central Pennsylvania Susquehanna Valley.

Haven to Home is an all volunteer organization which relies solely on foster care homes to ensure that the widest range of dog needs are met. Haven to Home does not operate a typical shelter facility as we believe that foster families are the temporary “Haven” which leads to forever homes. While dogs are under foster care we provide warm, loving, and structured home environments for dogs until a responsible forever home can be found.

Our short term goals are to continue our successful efforts of adoption promotion, volunteer recruitment, fostering and fundraising. Haven to Home desires to expand our educational opportunities within the community which aim at promoting responsible and humane pet care.

The long term goal of Haven to Home is to build a holistic animal care center that will provide home-like environments for animals living in foster care. With the assistance from our dog loving community, our dream can become reality.

The "Haven" in Haven to Home

We are always looking to add new foster homes to our network. Fostering a dog in need is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving lives. We will only be able to witness continued success with a strong and active network of foster care families. We are always in need of willing, able and caring people to share a small (sometimes big) portion of their lives with a dog down on his/her luck. Your efforts will make a huge difference in not only their life but yours as well. If you are interested read more at our foster page online.