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Meet Otis, a senior male Collie rescued from life on a chain.  Otis is a super sweet guy, who is so appreciative of affection from people of all AGES.  Recently, he enjoyed the loving attention of some young children who were respectful and kind.   He would love an owner(s) who can spend lots of time petting, brushing, and walking with him.  He melts to the floor while being petted.  Otis has some arthritis in his rear quarters, but is doing well with an anti-inflammatory and enjoys going for walks.  Because he spent so many years outside on a chain, he paces quite a bit.  Melatonin at bedtime is helping him to sleep better during the night.  Although not a requirement, he enjoys the freedom of a fenced in backyard.  Otis does not get on furniture, and would prefer to lay on a nice orthopedic dog bed.  Housetraining is going well, with very few accidents.  Otis is not good with cats.  He is a resource guarder with other dogs, and requires slow introductions.  He is coexisting very nicely with the other dog in his foster home, but it took a few weeks for him to get comfortable.  Most of all, Otis is looking for a home with a cozy bed on the floor, and people to love him.  Humans failed Otis for so many years, yet his love and trust of people is unwavering.  

Otis has had very extensive dental work performed to reduce pain and suffering from so many years of neglect.  He's now able to eat without pain.  

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