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Date: Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 8:41 AM

I don’t suppose that you will remember us but we lived on John Brady Drive, Muncy for over 9 years. In around September/October 2008, you found us an amazing dog; a female German Shepherd who belonged to a Military family from Lewisburg, PA. You introduced us to Bailey and it was love at first sight. Here is our story about Bailey’s life.

Whilst living in Muncy, we were fortunate enough to have had access to 800 acres of woodland, fields, streams and nature (part of the Muncy Farms estate). Bailey soon settled into her new life – a very different one from previously we believe. She quickly became adept at finding the chipmunks that lived around the grounds; her hunting instincts never far away. She dispatched many groundhogs in her time and chased the squirrels up every single tree in the yard ! Her mischievous nature was always apparent, particularly when she would pinch & eat the unripe tomatoes in our garden ! Windfall apples were also a firm favorite.  On the odd occasion, we would give Bailey some Sam’s Club chicken (which she absolutely adored) and even a tiny little piece of Dominos Pizza ! She relished any tiny little snippets of “naughty food” we gave her.

In January 2018 we sadly had to leave America after my husband’s work finished and so after completion of the copious amounts of paperwork, trips to Harrisburg, PA, vaccines, medications etc that were required in order to take her with us and with heavy hearts, we all flew back to the UK – an 8+ hour flight.  It’s been a very different life in the UK; gone are all the chipmunks, possums, groundhogs, bears, field corn etc. Nothing so diverse here !

After a couple of months in the UK, we decided to move to Crete, Greece for a while where we have family and so Bailey once again had her passport stamped, medications re-administered, Veterinary check completed and was flown from London Heathrow to Athens, Greece – some 4 hours. After we collected her from Athens, Greece, we sailed overnight from Pireaus to Heraklion, Crete where we lived for a further 15 months. By this time, Bailey had developed Lymes disease and also had difficulty walking. She was becoming deaf and following all the stick, stone & ball chewing, her teeth also were also suffering. It was at this point that we decided to relocate back to the UK where the climate is less harsh and there is an abundance of green spaces. So once again, she flew on a plane – for the third time in her life - this time into Belgium, where she was collected by an animal charity, driven through France and the Channel Tunnel followed by a 7 hour drive back up to Yorkshire, England.

We had 9 more months together and continued to play ball with her, walked often and enjoyed her company. On Friday is was her time to leave us and we are all devastated.

She has been the most amazing dog – an American darling - and such a spirited and gentle natured character. Apart from all the joy she brought us, she has got to have been one of the most well travelled dogs ever !! We all miss her terribly but are so thankful to have had her in our lives.

So thank you for the introduction and for all the work that you do. We will remember your organization and Bailey for the rest of our lives.



Our little sweetheart Murphy (formerly Sparkey) with his brother Hank. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. We love him dearly and we think he feels the same way!! 


Just wanted to send an update on our black lab mix that we adopted 7 years ago in May. Maxx (Charger when we adopted him) turns 11 years old today. He is a fabulous dog and we could not have asked for a better companion for our family. He shares our home with an 8 year old chocolate sister and a 2 year old black lab sister. He is soooooo tolerant of his younger sister and is a best friend to his 8 year old sister. He is starting to gray but continues to stay active and loves to chase birds that fly over our yard. Thank you for allowing us to adopt him. I an including a picture of him with his human sister and his birthday cake and also with his canine sisters.


Just wants to send an update... Here is Rosa.. aka Rosie. She has been a great addition to my life! She is doing amazing, she is absolutely amazing on a leash, and is always playing with her 2 dog friends and meeting more!She loved hiking, camping, and playing in the water

S-2: Sapphire
S-2: Sapphire

Hi Haven to Home, 

We cannot thank you enough for bringing sweet Sophie (formerly named Sapphire) into our lives. She has been the biggest blessing to our family. She loves cuddles, walks, and elk antlers! We are so grateful for all the wonderful work you do, especially her foster Carol Dunn. We are so in love with this sweet girl! 

Megan, Justin, and Sophie 

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